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Zerocouplage 1.2.0 binary resource

The archive of binary ressources of the ZeroCouplage frameWork has the seven following java Jar :


  - zerocouplage-api-1.2.0.jar          : containing the API Zerocouplage Framework .      


  - zerocouplage-impl-1.2.0.jar        : classes that implement the interfaces of the Framework                                                                                   (The API implementations).


  - zerocouplage-validator-1.2.0 .jar : classes for validating fields view .


  - zerocouplage-common-1.2.0 .jar : It contains tools treatments reflections for the entire Framework                                                                    and an others common tools.


  - zerocouplage-web-1.2.0 .jar         : Class and tools for development web applications.


  - zerocouplage-desktop-1.2.0.jar    :  Class and tools for development desktop applications.


   - zerocouplage-mobile-1.2.0.jar     :  Class and tools for development mobile applications.


    To download all binary ressources the ZeroCouplage frameWork 1.2.0, click at the following button :